ISO standards enhance Salli Systems’ operations

Salli Systems, the manufacturer of Salli Saddle Chairs in Northern Savonia, Finland, has had the ISO 9001 management system standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard for about six months now.

Salli Systems wanted to obtain the standards because they wanted to verify to customers their ongoing commitment to conducting business in a professional and consistent manner. The standard requires punctual deliveries, high-quality products and consideration of the customers’ needs, all things that are the cornerstones of Salli’s operations.

CEO Antti Ritvonen praises the existence of the standards, especially for a person who is just starting in the company.

– It is easy for a new person to find the company’s operating methods and goals in one place; this significantly clarifies the induction process, he says.

Anja-Riitta Saarinen, the Sales Manager who was closely involved in the process, agrees.

– It’s great to be able to tell customers that we have those standards. It brings a competitive advantage to sales and marketing, because customers specifically value external evaluation. Unnecessary explanations are not needed any more, as the standard defines the conditions that must be met, she says.

Audits sharpen goals

Antti Ritvonen emphasizes that although the standards have now been reached, the work continues. It is easy to review and continuously improve operations when things are systematically described in the system. It is easy to follow the common practices when they are stated clearly.

– In particular, I am proud of how much we have improved our documentation. We’ve also reached a new level of long-term planning, and production processes are now more efficient, he says.

– Regular audits are in the interest of both us and our customers, as they ensure that the level of operations remains within the requirements of the certificate. At the same time, they provide tips for sharpening goals for the future, adds Anja-Riitta Saarinen.

Next, the company is going to concentrate on reviewing the environmental friendliness of both materials and the packaging process.

Further information: Antti Ritvonen, CEO, antti(at), +358 50 3120 853