Salli Systems – 30 years of making healthy work chairs


The chair that was developed at Rautalampi, Finland, 30 years ago, became a success story. The products are exported to almost 80 countries all over the world.

Salli Systems manufactures the healthiest saddle chairs on the market. Long-term work as a designer of optimal workstations has made the brand so well-known in Finland that Salli is almost synonymous with the word saddle chair.

Salli’s flagship is a two-part swinging saddle chair, which allows you to sit comfortably all day in a good position, but naturally with some exercise breaks. The design of the chair takes into account blood and lymph circulation, so fluid circulation is not disturbed. The swinging seat makes it easy and fun to add movement into the day.

Holistic health concept

The product range also includes tables, accessories, ergonomic Riding Pad light saddles and even the catamaran-type canoe Salli Paddler, which of course has saddle chair seats. Salli has always both innovated boldly and utilized solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The company employs several physiotherapists, and clients are always consulted also about clothing and work habits. Salli is also constantly collecting information on sitting physiology so that product development can focus on customers’ ultimate need, good sitting health, instead of furniture.

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (left) and Antti Ritvonen are in charge of the company that employs almost 40 people.

 The CEO and the developer of Salli Saddle Chair believe in the future

Antti Ritvonen, who started as CEO at the beginning of September, believes that Salli will also survive the corona era as a winner.
– We also see a lot of opportunities in this challenging time. Distance working has come to stay, and we can offer workable solutions for that, says Ritvonen.

Veli-Jussi “Vessi” Jalkanen, the inventor of Salli Saddle Chair and Chairman of the Board, also sees a very bright future. Everyone is sitting, and most on several chairs, and no one wants problems.
– We have the best products and the best know-how on the market. Every seventh person of working age has back problems, and almost everyone has shoulder tensions. The development of awareness of sitting health is on our side, he says.

Further information
Antti Ritvonen, CEO,, +358 50 3120 853