Social responsibility

The operations of Salli Systems are responsible and directed by the company values and the principles of sustainable development. The company only manufactures products that are advantageous to the end-user, and offers the best possible work ergonomics training to all customers individually.

Financial responsibility

Stable financial progress ensures a secure future and the continuity of business activities. The company avoids using long-term liability. By taking care of the profitability of the business activities Salli Systems also creates the foundation for its social and environmental responsibility.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility means looking after the employees. Salli Systems is an equal work community, and the company invests in the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. Salli Systems wishes to be a good corporate citizen, which is best seen in the company’s attitude towards its customers and partners.

Environmental responsibility

Preserving the environment is the cornerstone of all operations. Two of the most important environmental goals are to reduce the use of energy and to cut down the amount of landfill waste. This is done by rationalizing the use of energy, supplies and raw materials and by developing the recycling process.

Our production is carbon neutral, which was achieved by monitoring the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are caused by the production process, travel and other activities. They are absorbed into the forests and swamps owned by the company’s founder. If needed, the company will also support the planting of trees in rainforests.

Furthermore, we express our concern for the nature in the following ways

  • The material of all our metal bases is 85-95 % recycled aluminium.
  • We use the leftover leather pieces to make the seats for Salli Nature Saddle Chair and Salli Riding pads for riders. We also cooperate with Humbugi Accessories who make sustainable jewellery out of our leftover leather.
  • The leather we use is chrome-free leather from the Swedish Elmo. The company’s waste water is cleaned into such a level that it can be later used as drinking water.