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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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About differences in how children learn

According to PISA research we can see that learning is easily attached to qualitative changes in the environment.

The biggest gnawing factor is junk entertainment, which dominates the lives of children through social media the TV. It also wrecks the way of life.

Children's life is missing play, good nutrients (also for the brain), physical activity and safe time with parents or other adults. Furthermore, these important growth factors are becoming increasingly scarce. The differences between the families and the regions will continue to grow.

Living and growth environment is becoming increasingly more a consumer, entertainment and marketplace instead of it being a calm and safe place for the children to grow. This direction is poor.

In addition, most of the children are not feeling well. The large majority is dependent on sugar and social media. In addition, there are the depressed and the overweight, children with ADHD, those traumatized by the alcohol consumption in their families, and the vast amounts of those who for other reasons are bound to become marginalized.  

We should immediately start making children's living environment healthier; this would mean major social changes.