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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Why children get tired at school?

The poor ergonomics at schools make pupils sit in a bad posture.

Breathing becomes shallow, tense neck muscles prevent the blood flow into the brain. Muscle tension caused by poor posture, and the pressure from tight clothes and the chair, disturb blood and lymph circulation, which makes one tired. A two-part swinging saddle chair and a height-adjustable desk would be the solution.

During breaks children hardly move at all, let alone engage themselves in some physical activity.

Nutrition is usually not of really good quality. Hardly anybody eats the essential supplements for vitality and brain health, such as vitamin D (100 mcg), fish oil (1 g), vitamin B12 (1 mg), vitamin B6 (5 mg), or folic acid (800 mg). Due to the lack of fiber (opt. 100 g / d) the bowel works slowly, there is the wrong bacteria. This makes one tired.

Very few go to sleep by 10 pm and get the necessary nine hours of sleep. Junk entertainment is addicting and interfering. The air in the bedroom is also generally poor.

Schools atmosphere could be made encouraging by team exercises. This would support the development of self-esteem.