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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How to improve the quality of sperm

In addition to exercise there are a lot of effective ways to improve the quality of sperm.

Sit on a two-part saddle chair and wear thin and loose-fitting underwear, or preferably no underwear at all. If the chair or underwear presses your testicles into your body their temperature rises up to 37 degrees, which interferes with sperm production.

The same is true for testosterone (needed for making sperm), of which 75 % is produced in the middle of the testicle.

A two-part saddle chair also maintains the flow in genital vessels (Pudental), below the pubic bone, that usually easily flatten between the chair and the pubic bone, because of the tightening clothes.

The two-part chair also prevents the pressure form the padding from getting into the pelvic opening and pelvic bowl. The prostate gland is not irritated due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients, but happily continues to weigh approx. 10 g.

The 60-year-olds that sit on unhealthy, i.e. traditional, seats have prostate glands that are already 3-5 bigger than the normal size, they have problems urinating and the prostate cancer is waiting around the corner.