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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Better care for the elderly and mental health rehab patients

The elderly in care homes and the mental health rehabilitation patients have the same problem: poor quality of care.

The only thing that is taken care of is medication, to the extent that both groups are practically outrageously over-medicated. The pharmaceutical industry networks, lobbyists and practices that result make sure of that

Mental health could also be effectively treated without medication.

Removal of brain malnutrition (Omega 3, vitamin D) and eliminating junk food would help. Over-sugared and malnourished brain naturally are not well.

Very high-quality and health-functional food and supplements that are based on careful analysis would help even more, as well as health-functional spices that have no side effects and safe medicinal herbs.

Walking in the woods and gathering, versatile exercise, sleep optimization, sociability, contact, gardening, weight training, entertainment, and removal of junk entertainment will also improve mental health effectively.