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Reasons for getting cold

One reason for feeling cold is hypothyroidism, the other the weak condition of the subcutaneous fluid circulation of the body (lymphatic and blood vessels), and the third is long-term low-quality (traditional) sitting.

blog.jpgThe widespread obesity and unhealthy lifestyle have made mild hypothyroidism very common. It is almost always accompanied by intestinal inflammations, nutritional deficiencies and stress. Thyroidologists know this phenomenon well.

Fortunately, self-treatment, i.e. reducing stress, adding fiber and Se, Zn, Cu, Mg, vitamin D and iodine into one’s diet, generally gives good results. Often patients are already taking thyroxine for their condition, but that does not help everybody, because the body's conversion mechanism from precursor hormone (T4) to real hormone (T3) does not work. They need their medication as T3, if changes in their lifestyle are not enough.

The degeneration of the fluid circulation is very common. We are self-indulgent and want to dress warmly. Thus the subcutaneous circulation never gets any practice, especially if one doesn’t exercise actively outdoors.

Current fashion is also harmful and degenerative. All underwear and other garments that leave a mark on the skin, or cause any kind of pressure, at the same time prevent fluid circulation throughout the day. In particular, belts, tight underwear, tights, fitting pants, socks and shoes are almost always too tight.

Other things that make us feel cold, because of the malfunctioning circulation, are the pressure on thighs and buttocks during traditional sitting, 90 degree joint angles, collapsed posture and immobility. Also the clothes tighten even more when we sit.

Really loose clothes, sitting on a two-part saddle chair that adapts to your movements, rolling around on the chair, and repeated getting up from the chair (eg. calls through headphones, walking meetings) will prevent sitting-related fluid circulation problems and thus prevent you from getting cold.