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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Children`s weak back muscles cause bad posture

Ordinary child`s spine tendons are, due to muscle weakness and the amount of bad sitting (sitting with rounded back), already overstretched so that they collapse into a bad slouched position immediately after sitting down.

In adulthood this adverse change in the back tissues causes degeneration of the spine, neck and shoulder tensions, bad posture also when standing, the cervical spine to bend diagonally forward and thus decreased cerebral blood flow, lower intestinal health, and of course a lot of pain.

The person with a bad posture is also more likely to get tired because the lungs work only partially and sharp joint angles and muscle tensions prevent fluid circulation (blood and lymph).

Society should invest in school desks that can be adjusted quickly and that are also suitable for standing, as well as in healthy two-part saddle chairs.

The health and productivity disadvantages of bad sitting massively exceed the small cost of sensible furniture