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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Ways to make children move and exercise more

A sensible exercise policy:

Children go to school on foot or by bicycle, if it takes less than an hour. Exercise every day for one hour.

After school each child is able to jump, run, walk, dive, swim, dance, and knows the techniques of some ball games and racket sports. This way the maturing adolescent has skills for different healthy exercises.

The numbers given at school are for activity, involvement and learned techniques. Competing on individual level and individual measurements are left for sports clubs.

There are activating things in class rooms: pull-up bars, flying rings, etc. School courtyards have a number of different sports facilities.

Over-careful thinking that limits physical activity (don’t play, something can happen) will be abandoned as laughable.

Sports clubs receive support from society on the basis on how they teach general physical exercise capacities and healthy lifestyle.

Homes will be trained and guided to make healthy food because obesity comes from home and junk food, which destroys physical activity and health.