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How to lose weight with the help of right nutrition

There is a clear error in the article: `those who eat a lot of whole grain products are more successful in losing weight`

Background: an article in a Finnish magazine about losing weight with the right kind of nutrition.

The second error is to blame saturated fats. This is part of the so-called fat theory, which was buried in science around the world – except in Finland, where The Institute of Health and Wellbeing tries to hold on to it after wrongly promoting it for decades.

The fat theory was already revoked in 2010 in the TV program MOT, in episodes "Fat bubble" and "Cholesterol bomb" (Yle Areena living archive); and also by TIME Magazine in its giant article in 2015..

Really the best results are obtained by low-carbohydrate diets.

Those who eat a lot of whole grain products, mainly bread, are generally obese; just take a look in any supermarket queue. Besides, whole meal bread is very rarely available. Almost all breads include added sugar and way too much salt.

If you try to lose weight you should forget all about the “10 % of sugar recommendation”, which also belongs to the non-functional advice of the plate model.

The article says nothing about the intestinal bacteria that really determine how we feel, how much we weigh, and in the long run also our brain health.

Vegetables (berries, vegetables, some fruits), healthy fat-containing foods (butter, cold-pressed coconut, flax, hemp, and olive oils, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, oily fish, grass-reared beef, game, avocado, eggs).

It is good to eat plenty of fiber, for the bacteria to feed on, 50 g / 1000 kcal of food. This amount keeps the good bacteria alive and the waist girth and mood in good condition.

The Institute of Health and Wellbeing is a wholesaler of drugs, and together with the pharmaceutical industry opposes the really healthy lifestyle.

Good health makes a lot of sense but does not make a lot of euros. They don’t want to give up the 2.7 billion drug sales.