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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Sugar is more dangerous than fat

The plate model and food pyramide produce mostly obese people. Many have noticed this by testing in their own lives.

Low-fat, i.e. lightness, meant inevitably that the focus shifted to starch-rich carbo hydrates, because it is not beneficial to eat too much protein, and there’s a limit to how much one can eat low-energy vegetables.

The sugar industry lobbed with unethical means in the 1970s in FDA and got a status of “not harmful” to sugar, and that’s why it is added to everything: cereals, breads and sauces. The consumption of sugar (54 different names) is way too much for health.

Because of this stupidity we now face an uncontrollable and expensive epidemic of obesity-related diseases; also the queues for mental health care are getting longer.

The fat theory was created artificially to enhance the sales of statins. It is still deep-rooted in peoples’ minds after decades of drumming.

The state could make its economy healthier and improve national health by putting into effect a highly increased VAT to all fast carbs, junk food, hot-processed i.e. unhealthy oils, and salt.

Also medical training should be updated with more focus on nutritional therapy, and eating models renewed.

The Institute for Health and Wellbeing and The Finnish Institute for Occupational Health should be closed down and a new institute should be founded, one that would really enhance preventive national health and that wouldn’t be rigid and corrupted.