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How to treat and prevent back pains

A good posture is the key to a healthy back, but there`s more to it

Yoga can help, but there are more efficient methods. According to researches fitness outside working hours helps only a little.By far the most effective way is to sit with a good back posture. Speficially bad posture causes lower back degeneration changes and the pains. Let me explain as an expert why this is happening.

If the back becomes rounded just a little bit, the small facet joints of the vertebrae, which bear 30% of the body weight with a good posture, open, and do not carry any weight.

In addition, a wedge-shaped pressure is directed at the intervertebral disc. After some time this may cause the outbreak of the fluid follicle inside the disc thus forming a bulge, spinal disc herniation or prolapse, on the side of the intervertebral disc. It weighs on either the spinal cord nerve or the other nerves that branch from it such as the sciatic nerve.

In most cases, the interverterbral disc degeneration occurs in the lowest or L4 / L5 spinal segment, because it is the most susceptible to degeneration. This is due to the fact that exceptionally in segment L5 there is no vertebral artery that would bring the blood, nutrients and oxygen. Muscle tension and passiveness caused by a bad posture and immobilization blocks blood flow anyway.

The best ways to prevent and relatively quickly treat a typical low back pain is to begin to sit in a good posture on a divided and swinging (and thus also muscle activating) saddle chair,a electrically height-adjustable desk, monitors in line with the eyes, clothing that is loose in the waist and hips, standing for 10-30% of the working time in 15-20 min sequences on and doing hands-free phone calls, as well as small meetings while walking.

People who drive a lot should aqcuire back posture-sustaining support for their car, because only a few seats support the lower back enough, at least not when they're older and squashed. If your back is sore in the morning, the mattress is inappropriate.

If you have back joint problems, you should eat rheumatoid active nutrients (Mg, Cu, Zn, Si, vitamin D, Omega3, MSM, cissus, natural glucosamines), which prevent joint ailments also in the large joints of the lower limbs.