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Fat is not as dangerous as sugar

The prestigious Times Magazine revoked already in 2015 the settled idea that cholesterol would be a risk factor in the blood or the food.

Recent studies show that sugar breaks down the larger fat particles of LDL into smaller hazardous microparticles that clog veins, so the combination of sugar and cholesterol is bad. Since the liver always makes cholesterol even if it is not eaten, the scapegoat is, therefore, sugar, which has long been suspected. E.g. English scientist John Judgin said already in the 1970s that sugar could be dangerous.

The sugar industry and the pharmaceutical industry lobbed together to revoke this message and fat was made the scapegoat. The sugar industry never tires of lobbying for the safety of sugar. Also in Finland there are professors who think that sugar is not a problem (Fogelholm).

Since the fat theory is buried we could stop feeding statins to 700 000 people. With its side effects, however, it is so lucrative to the pharmaceutical industry that it will not be abandoned as long as there are gullible fools who are willing to eat harmful statins.

There are much better things for the heart health, such as vitamin D, Omega3 fats, selenium, magnesium, chromium, carnosine, berberine, garlic, vitamin E, vitamin K2, fiber, non-stressful lifestyle, good sleep, exercise and going to sauna often. Brain health is also maintained by vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B6 together in generous portions. All the above-mentioned means together maintain good health, anyway.

Doctors do not give these guidelines, because they have not been taught them, and they reduce clinic visits and medical expenses.

Some doctors play along because they are stupid, some because of their own interests. Pharmaceutical industry is corrupting the medical profession through multiple channels, e.g. by buying over-priced advertisements in medical journals.

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