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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How to get enough nutrients daily

The absorption of chromium in later life is deteriorating, and the need is approx. 300 mcg / day. That amount cannot be obtained from ordinary food.

Office Sapiens consumes only 1500-2000 kcal per day. The food should be extremely rich in nutrients to include the optimum amount of all the protective nutrients that produce about 3000 biochemical substances in the body every day.

This has been observed in cattle farming, where animal health is supported by versatile minerals, although the cattle receive only full and unheated feed.

We humans are destroying a lot of vital substances in food by e.g. heating. In addition, so-called empty or even toxic (sugar, etc.) calories make more than 50 % of the diet of the man in the street.

How on earth could one get the optimum amount of protective nutrients, including enzymes, from that?

The nutritional balance affects one’s urge to nibble. Malnutrition causes a lust for eating. The same happens if the person has conditionalized himself to a stretched stomach and high blood sugar. Ketogenic food system is trained to burn food and body fat. It keeps the blood sugar level. In this case, the main source of energy is healthy fats (unheated vegetable oils), which is 40-60 % of the energy. Adapting to this takes a few weeks.

I recommend for anybody who wants to take care of their brain and health 200 mcg vitamin D, 2 g Omega3, Ginko Biloba, fosfolipoids, berberine, carnosine, and ubiquinon 300 mg, and also Mg 4x300, Zn 25, Cu 4, SE 200, E 50, C 2000, and vitamin B (1 vitamin B12, 5 vitamin B6, folic acid 800). These make brain cells active and energetic, especially if there is 7.5 hours of good sleep, exercise 2 h / day and standing posture maintained while sitting.