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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Eat fat instead of low-fat products

The old and buried cholesterol theory mantra `Eat LIGHTLY` (i.e., low-fat) has created the obesity epidemic that we suffer from at the moment.

Inexplicably, many professionals keep repeating this stupidity.

It is proven that the most effective way is to leave out almost completely sugar and low-value pasta, rice, and other fast carbs.

If the stomach does not get irritated by gluten and other parts of the grain, eat 1-2 pieces of 100 % oat bread, dry fiber-rich bread or sour bread. Wheat bread is always fattening and its rich gluten causes inflammation in all our intestines.

The celiac disease is represents only 20-80 % of cereal-based intestinal irritation that most of us don’t even recognize. It results in weight gain, wrong kind of bacteria, and thyroid disorders.

The most reasonable way to slim health is to add plenty of products that contain good fat (butter, olive, hemp, coconut, dark chocolate, seeds, fish, nuts, eggs, grass-reared meat), to take care that one gets approx. 100 g of fiber / day (2-3 large soft stools / day). It would be good to eat 1 kg of all vegetables (berries, vegetables, fruits) instead of the recommended 0.5 kg.

Increasing fat so that it makes 40-50 % of the energy and keeping sugar intake close to zero, makes the body work ketogenically, i.e. to burn food and body fat. The result of this is good health and slimness.

In the beginning the bad intestinal bacteria and our preferred taste habits protest wildly but eating will be problem-free after a few weeks. It is worth learning this because one’s own motivation, because eating and metabolism will change a lot.

The most important health factor is sensible sleeping habits. The optimum would be to sleep at 22-06.

Screen time must be brought under control and one should learn the stress removers: sauna, sex, exercising in nature, humor, reading, crafts.

Good supplements (100 mcg D, Omega 1 g, 2 x multivitamin) are a "must".

Good health spices are also really valuable.