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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Sleep is the most important factor affecting our health, vitality, mood, and productivity

Sleep and good sleeping habits are worth taking care of.

The use of electricity in different ways easily destroys the brain's natural sleeping cycle. Here in the north during the light summer months we need black-out curtains that keep the bedroom totally black, so that the early morning light does not disturb the sleep center in the brain.

We destroy our sleep in many ways. Changing these bad habits, therefore, improves sleep:

Watching stressing, irritating, or scary programs on TV, using SOME late at night, doing anything that causes stress or worries, alcohol and heavy food at night, bad sleeping rhythm (one is accustomed to not sleeping until the small hours), bad bed or pillow, lack of ventilation (the window is not open, and there is no mechanical air conditioning; we need 6 l of fresh air, i.e. more than 100 m 3 / night), the phone is left on a bedside table, and one keeps looking at it even at night, TV in the bedroom.

Children are often left to make their own sleeping habits, even though they are incapable of doing that, in the middle of all the temptations of entertainment electronics

The blue light in the evening (it is a part of screens, including TV's light) gives the brain an alertness signal and sleeping problems get worse. Those who have problems sleeping should use blue filter glasses (available on the internet) during the last hours before going to sleep, or even sunglasses, also at night if they absolutely want to open a monitor.

The shortened and poor sleep is a common problem for the elderly, and it enhances aging and deterioration. 3 mg of melatonin, a fair dose of tryptophan, and a magnesium capsule at 9 pm will certainly help.

The unfortunate increase in helplessness has also affected people's ability to learn good sleeping habits.

The development of good sleeping habits and good sleep divides people into A and B citizens. The informed and smart optimize their sleeping habits, and the rest do not.