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How to be more productive in demanding information work

Here are some ways to decrease interruptions at work and increase productivity

Meetings should be had in the afternoon, and mornings should be saved to the most demanding tasks that involve a lot of concentration, because the brain is most alert and fresh at that time.

Companies must have written and unwritten rules that social media and news are not followed during working hours, unless it is something work-related. There are several ways to control that these rules are followed.

Productivity increases significantly if ergonomics is in good order: new height-adjustable monitors, high-speed machine and line connections, e-table with a recess or with padded arm supports, high-quality two-part saddle chair and a support for feet under the table. These units promote relaxation and posture and thus deepen breathing and reduce fluid circulation problems and fatigue.

Open-plan offices do not work because of the noise and interfering stimuli. Almost all brain work requires concentration, and it is impossible to concentrate effectively in the hustle and bustle. A smart employer supplies soundproof cubicles with glass doors where one can concentrate.

Productivity is significantly affected by blood sugar. Instead of sugar or harmful fast food snacks the smart employer serves fatty and fibrous protein-rich nibblies, such as nuts (with some raisins), seeds, fruits, washed vegetables, butter and oils, as well as fiber-rich dry bread.

With these arrangements the productivity is tens of per cents better than in the conventional unhealthy environment.