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How to help children fall asleep

Due to ignorance and helplessness even children have a lot of sleeping problems.

Partly the reasons are the same as adults have, especially for older children: they eat in the evening lots of quickly absorbing (rich in sugar and carbohydrate) food which refreshes too much, and stay sitting in front of screens too late. The incoming blue light maintains alertness in the brain. In addition, the program may be inappropriate for them, make their imagination run wild, scare them, or end at the wrong time.

Also the quality of carbohydrates and the amount of Omega 3 that the breast-feeding mother eats affects the child.

Nightlight is definitely a bad option after falling asleep, it impairs sleep and increases fatigue the next day.

Most get help if they go to bed early, have familiar and safe evening routines at precisely the same time, close all screens an hour before bed-time, read or listen a calming bedtime story, are left to fall asleep by themselves and everybody avoids making noise at home.

If there are intoxicated people at home the child senses danger and the restless atmosphere and cannot fall asleep.

It does not work to try to entertain the child till they fall asleep. In the long run you will just lose your nerves and waste a lot of time.