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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Sitting health expert gives the recipe for optimal office ergonomics

Sitting, standing and movement - include all these in your work day.

1–2 hours of standing, max 20 minutes at a time. Otherwise the cartilages in the lower limbs get stressed and begin to degenerate. It helps if you can change the weight from one foot to the other, so that the "resting" feet is held on a 10-20 cm high foot support.

About an hour of moving in "walk & talk" style, i.e. having walking meetings, speaking on the phone by Blue Tooth or even exercising in the office with some gymnastic devices. Walking the stairs two steps at a time is also a great exercise during phone calls.

The rest of the time may be sitting on a swinging, two-part and anatomically high-quality saddle chair where the movement of the back comes from slight swinging ("sit & swing") or reaching is ("roll & reach").

Monitors must be of good quality and exactly on the right height and distance from the eyes so that the neck muscles that are critical to the brain circulation are relaxed while working. It helps to keep your shoulders relaxed, if the table has a recess and you have elbow pads and a negative-angle mouse pad that prevents mouse hand problems.

It is sensible, healthy and beneficial to use truly loose clothes that don’t leave any marks on the skin, and underwear that has good “ventilation”. At least men can be even without underwear, if only they remember to wash themselves after pooping.

The measures described above help to create a seating environment that won’t cause any back problems, or other ailments, such as genital, inner pelvis and lower limbs circulation problems (cellulite, varicose veins), or sitting fatigue.

In such an environment the activity level and productivity are much better, and you can go home feeling energetic and start your hobbies or household chores.