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How to prevent super bacteria infections

You can strengthen your own immune system. It can be done effectively in the following way:

Hand disinfectant and other antiseptics chemicals are problematic, because they also the kill the beneficial bacteria in the human body and thereby undermine the body's microbial balance. According to present knowledge at least at home no anti-bacterial products  should no longer be used.

Intestinal bacteria forms 60-80 % of the immune system or resistance. A person who carries Inflammations (they can be in the gums, intestines, fat, female genitals, inflamed joints, etc.) and whose junk food diet is one-sided and low-fiber has weaker immune defense than a person who has healthy lifestyle and eats fiber-rich food.

We eat fiber less than 15 g / d when the optimum would be about 50 g / 100 kcal, i.e. 50-150 g. Different fibers grow in the intestine a variety of beneficial bacteria that in turn produce a variety of immune cells (8 different types). They spread through the bloodstream and also stay in the lymph nodes, where they kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Thus, also the super bacteria.

A smart person therefore puts together a diet that is rich in diverse and different (at least 10 different species) fibers, avoids sugar and other fast carbohydrates, eats vegetables, good fats and protein and is doing well.

It is also important to supplement the diet with Omega3 fatty acid supplements on those days one eats no fish, and to take vitamin D so that sunbathing level of it in the blood remains at 100 -150 mcg / day.

A smart person avoids antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs as long as possible, doesn’t kill with chemicals the natural bacteria on his skin when taking a shower, but washes with plain warm water and pats himself dry with a towel.