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Air pollution problems can be reduced by your own efforts

In Finland 1700 persons are killed by air pollution every year.

People don’t talk about this much, while enormous amount of things are done to reduce the amount of people killed in traffic (400 persons). 

Pollution deaths are, of course, only the tip of the iceberg. Many more get sick because of pollution.

We would reduce pollution by lowering the indoor air temperature to 20 degrees Celsius, at least in all public buildings, banning studded tires and taxing transport so that professional driving becomes cheaper and amusement rides more expensive.

Moving the transport of goods and passengers to rail that would be more efficient than the current railway network would also reduce the polluting road transport.

Motorsports is a bad example, and quite unnecessary polluter and it should be made difficult and costly.

Getting the Russian forest fires under control can be hopeless (all humanity in that country is completely ruined) but in Finland good domestic subsidies for isolation of old buildings and the replacement of heating systems would bring results.

Many have "air pollution" in their bedrooms, where there are no windows or mechanical air condition, it is dirty and they are stupid enough to have pets in the same room to spoil the air.

The amount of pollution deaths could thus be reduced by simple actions.

There are means, but do the current leaders have understanding, energy and nerve to take action?