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Depression can be managed without drugs

Of course science is great, but it does not solve human health problems.

In fact, antidepressants have a particularly poor effect and a lot of severe side effects. A Dutch specialist Professor of depression said in a Finnish TV show that antidepressants are not sensible at all in mild and moderate depression, but in severe depression 1 patient in 10 benefits from them.

Fortunately, with drug-free self-care one can almost always get effectively rid of depression. Poor diet and lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, junk entertainment, lack of exercise and social contacts, poor brain health, stress and urgency, poor intestinal health, etc. affect mental health and cause depression.

So, one just has to make the decision to start repairing their lifestyle and acquiring information, with the support from doctors and friends and self-discipline, in order to get rid of depression

Adding fiber into one’s diet, up to the natural level of 100 g (usually 14 g) increases the production of the mood hormone serotonin in the intestine; the excess goes to the brain and makes the person hopeful and confident.

In the world there are many herbs and spices that have medicinal properties without being the usual chemical medicines that strain the liver. E.g. a Finnish professor of botany has written a compelling book about them.

The pharmaceutical industry loves depression, because it gives a reason to make ordinary consumers addicted to drugs and make them profitable customers in the best case for tens of years.

Depression and melancholy is, from time to time, a natural part of the changing living environment and aging.

There are effective ways for the smart ones to start preventing symptoms or treating themselves, free of charge and without any harmful side effects or addiction.