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Nest offices instead of open plan offices

It has been known for a long time that open plan offices do not make us feel good, but it is just recently started to creep into the architects` understanding.

Unfortunately, the architects are given a lot of respect and power in designing workspaces, even if they have made so many bad solutions about furniture and space, and will make more.

Common sense and practical experience say that there needs to be peace and quiet for demanding work. Doctoral studies are not needed to understand this.

The best and most space-saving work space is obtained when against the walls in a large office space there are 2 x 3 booths ("Nests"), made of e.g. glass. Against the back wall of the booth there is an e-table with a recess and elbow supports that take the weight of the hands and shoulders away from the back. 3 high-quality height-adjustable monitors and a two-part saddle chair finalize the efficiency.

The sound insulation technique in the "Nest" is good and it has a good light on the right wavelength, as well as its own air vents. The silently closing glass door can also be locked in the open position.
In the middle of the main work space there is an oval e-adjustable space-saving meeting / break / snack table, which is the right size in relation to the number of people.

Somewhere is also a soundproof gym corner with stretching mats, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment that can be used during calls or small meetings to energize oneself, or even to pump up BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) to jump-start ideas. In the workspace people wonder around in loose circulation-friendly and comfortable clothes and sandals or barefoot on thrillingly coarse stimulation carpets.

All the scientific data behind this by far the most productive "set" already exists. Its functionality is based on well-studied physiological basic facts.

You'd think that organizations who want to actually raise the well-being and productivity, would change the non-functional traditional working conditions into a modern and happy new solution.