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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Causes for the declining birth rate

Men`s genital health, which must be in fairly good condition for the man to be able to conceive a child, is deteriorating rapidly, and might be going below the critical level.

Young men are exercising less and sitting more. In traditional sitting the man is sitting on the genital vessels under his pelvis, so the flows (blood, nerves, lymph), to the testes and penis deteriorate.

In addition, the testicular temperature increases to the body temperature level, due to the chair and clothes, which is a bad thing for sperm and testosterone production. Both are produced in the centre of the testis, where the temperature should be only 33 degrees.

The testicle health reflects dramatically in statistics. Now the "sperm count" of young Finnish men has an average of only approx. 40 million / ml, while in the 1960s it was close to 200 million. The critical level for conceiving is 15 million; it will be reached in the coming decades. Even now, there are a lot of young men whose sperm is too bad for reproduction. Many also have too little testosterone to take the manly role of the responsible breadwinner for the family. Testosterone deficiency also undermines the self-esteem of men, as well as their socializing that initiative capabilities.

Sitting also increases the pressure on the prostate within the pelvic opening, the importance of which for reproduction is not yet known. It is known for sure that it has dramatic effect on prostate health in older age. The prostate produces the creamy fluid in semen in which the sperm swim.

Causes of reproductive health problems in men and women are produced by hormone-disturbing chemicals in our environment; there are at least a few dozen of those, including almost all antibacterial agents. DBA, i.e. plastic softener, is perhaps the worst. It is also used in the inner surfaces of cans. Inexplicably its use is still permitted.

The situation could be repaired by sitting, preferably without underwear, on a two-part saddle chair to restore the genital fluid flow and the natural testicle temperature necessary for their health.