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Efficent self treatment of shin splint and Achilles tendon

When you massage your feet daily with a specified technique you can keep the trouble at bay.

Sit down, lift one ankle on the other knee so that you can reach the calf easily.

Stretch the calf muscles slowly away from the tibia with your fingers, with transverse movement, as much as you can before it becomes too painful. Treat the bone this way on both sides, in and out.

Put a little oil on the bone on both sides and try to stick your fingers "between” the bone and muscle with sliding motion. This detaches and stretches the muscle membrane, the adhesion of which to the bone, after all, causes the problem.

Finally, squeeze and stretch the Achilles tendon in different directions, at least within 10 cm from your ankle upwards, to effectively prevent it from becoming sore.

These treatments should be done several times a week for prevention. Usually you can get rid of shin splint in this way in 1-2 weeks.

A good moment to do these treatments is after sauna or shower when your muscles are warm.

The exerciser / athlete needs to know one’s body well and to prevent problems. It's easy if you know how and do the right things and don’t senselessly overload the tissues.

The importance of rest became once again obvious when Federer, after 6 months’ break, played himself straight back to the top of the world, having previously been losing matches and having a lot problems in his technique.