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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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The elderly are malnourished and over-medicated

Finland would save huge sums because of fewer old-age diseases if the nutrition of the elderlywould be really good.

Farm animals are fed only unheated and full food, rich in mineral salts and vitamins, i.e. nutritional supplements. Such farmer would be considered a complete fool who would feed his cattle nutritionally poor, purified and heated food, the same as we humans eat, would not provide additional nutrients and when the cattle gets sick would call a veterinarian to order antibiotics and pain killers. This is what we humans are doing to ourselves. This is because the treatment of the sick is for many (especially for the pharmaceutical industry) a good business, while health is not.

In addition to the elderlies’ the food being bad, i.e. poor in nutrients, they do not get the supplements they need. Vitamin D (150 mcg), Omega 3 (2 g), folic acid (800 mcg), vitamin B12 Vit (1 g), vitamin B6, vit (10 mcg) and plenty of it, E, Zn, Cu, B, and I would have an important effect on their health and fitness. What a nursing home or other institution provides these? Hardly any.

The pensions of the weakened elderly go largely to health-care bills. This outrageous abuse just goes on with the blessing of the so called experts.