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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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The battle for intestinal health

While we are waiting for phage treatments and fecal transplant pills there is a lot we can do ourselves to make the situation better.  

Raising the fiber level from the current 13 g to a natural, i.e. stone-age level of about 1000 g gives food for the intestinal bacteria that produce immune cells. There are 8 different species of those bacteria. They patrol in the lymph nodes and bloodstream looking for and killing pathogens.

It is preferable to eat food that contains many different types of fiber, because each type grows different intestinal bacteria.

In the future, when the super-bacteria have become more common, the best prevention will be a healthy intestine filled with good and rich bacteria. Hopefully, this will raise the current preventive status of nutrition.

In animal health science organic and nutrient-rich feed and nutritional supplements are the basis of health, but for people they are deliberately held in contempt.

Doctors are not taught nutritional medicine. It would be efficient and would reduce the use of drugs. This can already be seen in medical students: a large part of them are overweight and have a poor lifestyle.

The same fiber diet often prevents and cures also a variety of ailments in the colon, rectum and anus. Fiber is treating disorders also in the small intestine, if at the same one omits substances that cause inflammation and hypersensitivity in the gut, most common sustances being lactose and gluten.

A huge amount of intestunal problems coud be cured with healthy or therapeutic food; this would have a great effect on national health.

Fecal transmission can also be made at home with an enema bag. Just soak couple of tbsp of feces of a healthy (slender, no swelling of the stomach or gasification, seldom ill) person in hot water, sieve out the fibers, and pour 1-2 dl of this liquid with the help of the enegma bag into the large intestine, it should reach the depth of about 50 cm.

A change to the fiber-rich diet is good to do at the same time.