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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Vitamin D increases resistance more

The inhibition effect of vitamin D is much better if the level of vitamin D in blood is maintained between 120-150 nmol; 10 % of Finns are below that.

The staff in our companies gets 100-150 mcg / day on behalf of the company and we don’t have any flu epidemics in winter.

Nor do have any cancer cases, against all statistical odds.

Although in international studies the effects of vitamin D are clear, the amounts eaten I Finnish experiments are always far too small and thus not effective enough.

In fact, I eat 250 mcg / day, my blood level of 180 nmol and I haven’t had influenza in years.

Only the vitamin D levels above 120 nmol that can be acquired during a holiday in the sun – the equal amount of 100 mcg as pills – give decent protection.

It's cheap, it's safe and so effective that it will affect the national pharmaceutical sales, and therefore the medical cluster resists, invalidates and tries to question the results.