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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Which is dangerous, rice or gluten?

Eating rice is a health hazard. Rice collects heavy metals.

The more polluted the rice fields, the more so. This is one reason why the Asian people nowadays age faster than people in the western countries.

Huge global coal combustion releases heavy metals that descend everywhere, also on seas and fields. Industry and heavy traffic nearby increase contamination, together with irrigation with polluted water, as often happens in Asia.

Avoiding gluten is beneficial to everybody and necessary for people with celiac disease.

We also need to ask why we have so many more people with gluten intolerances than a few decades ago. The reason is that we eat more wheat, and plant breeding has increased the amount of gluten in wheat.

Because of this, and other nutritional mistakes we make, the amount of intestinal inflammations is on the rise. Gluten is an irritation and risk also to healthy intestines, easily developing into a disease.

The younger we are, the more sensitive we are. Probably already what mothers eat during pregnancy have an effect.

Almost all my acquaintances that eat products rich in gluten have poorer intestinal health than those who avoid gluten.

Senselessly, today gluten is also used as an additive in many bakery products and breads even though its harmfulness is known. This way a carefree bread-eater accumulates intestinal health risk factors, the combined effect of which result in an increasing amount of insidious inflammatory bowel disease. It has many nasty health effects, such as obesity, poor nutrient absorption, hypothyroidism with its consequences, and worsening brain health with different risks, etc.

Furthermore, in addition to the actual celiac disease a multiple amount of people suffer from various lesser intestinal ailments, partly because of gluten.