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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Pro-alcohol attitude is a repulsive feature in sports

It also shows on the other hand that the sports in question is not about health but something else.

Parents should be aware of exactly what is the drinking culture in theid child's sports club, before exposing their children to it.

The quiet acceptance of drinking culture tells about the sheepishness of sports movement and lack of health objectives. Open drinking by successful sports teams is irresponsible and a bad example.

Moreover, alcohol impairs all the sports results and body performance. The same is also known also of fast food. Still, sugary junk food seems to be regular take away food of junior teams. Despite the exercise of junk food and lack of sleep makes junior athletes fat and develops pre-diabetes.

Parents and coaches, as well as sports club directors, should use their consideration here.

Why should sports be a platform where the dangerous bad habits are allowed to spread.