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The grease theory is still being buried

In summer 2015 the prestigious TIME Magazine declared on its cover ´The funeral of the grease theory´

The inaccuracy of the old grease theory was proven with many scientific grounds in the magazine.

During the crazy years of grease hysteria in Finland almost everybody through away the valuable and nutrient-rich egg yolks. Approx. 160 billion’s worth of unnecessary or harmful statins have been sold on the basis of the grease theory.

France is the largest consumer of animal fats in Europe and their heart health is the best in Europe. Switzerland is the second with the second-largest animal fat consumption.

HDL and LDL cholesterols are both necessary. LDL has “small dence LDL particles” that are really dangerous to blood vessels. Sugar raises their amount. Therefore, the typical abundant consumption of sugar is the biggest risk factor.

To sensible observers it has long been clear that commercial interests are behind the grease theory. Expert doctors receive fees from pharmaceutical companies. All do not want to reveal their commitments even if they are required to do so by rules.

The well-known developer of health, personal trainer and sixth best-known Finnish health person Tomi Kokko ate for one month according to the official Finnish dietary recommendations, and gained weight 7 kg. Also, the blood sugar values declined significantly during the period.

I guess this is enough evidence.