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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How could we get people to exercise more?

Physical activity and everyday exercise are on a poor level in Finland and thus undermine public health and productivity a lot.

Physical activity would increase by at least these 4 ways:

First, physical education classes at school should be happy and supportive, most of them in mixed classes, with the main focus on learning as many different sports as possible, including swimming and dancing. You could only get a better number if you learnt versatile sports. This way more children would get nice memories and a number of important health exercise skills for working lives.

Second, the development of our health culture by public means, so that there would be fewer overweight children and people of working age. There are means to do that by a better food culture and the controlling of it.

Third, a health insurance system, in which you could get a discount if you can prove, by documents you acquire yourself, that your blood pressure, body fat, liver tests and oxygen uptake are at a good level.

Fourth, companies should be able to deduct, without limitation, any expenses caused by encouraging their staff to exercise.

Although some tax revenues would be lost, it would be saved many times over in the medical costs.

There are means, but is there understanding and political courage?