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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Pharmaceutical companies are corrupt

Professor Kötzche, a Danish expert on drug safety, wrote a hair-raising book in 2014: Lethal Drugs and Organized Crime.

In it, on 500 pages and with the power of more than 800 references, he exposes the huge, dark and downright criminal machinery controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are some important channels of influence through which corruption could be diminished:

The pharmaceutical industry uses patients' associations for various diseases covertly to its own benefit, and works in a suspiciously good and close co-operation also with Finnish Institute for Health and Wellbeing.

The medical training focuses strongly on pharmacology, just like the pharmaceutical industry wants, and it includes hardly anything on nutritional medicine and other non-pharmacological treatments. Even the students don’t like that. Furthermore, it builds up an atmosphere that considers non-pharmacological treatments silly.

The pharmaceutical industry, together with its middle men (= co-operating specialist doctors) is maneuvering the national health policy. As laymen, politicians must take doctors’ opinions into account when designing health policy. Of course, it is made pro medical treatment and drug use, instead of being preventive. The pharmaceutical industry does all it can to further increase their 2.7 billion drug sales.

The Finnish state would save billions a year if the national health policy was effectively preventive. One example of the bad policy are too low vitamin D recommendations.

The power of the media is evident: many do not dare to write about the abuse of medical treatments and malpractice of pharmaceutical companies, because they don’t want to risk the advertising revenues from pharmaceutical industry.

The drug tests made by middle men on humans in the developing countries are disgusting. The poor and defenseless people are test subjects at the risk of their health and sometimes their lives.