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Vessi’s comment to discussion about glyphosates

Glyphosate is used a lot in agriculture (the most widely used pesticide) and its residues are also found in food, because, despite the claims, all glyphosate is not proven to vanish from plants.

Glyphosate is sure to be a carcinogen and should be prohibited, at least for agricultural and horticultural use. This is likely to happen, even if its giant, multi-national producer Monsanto uses every possible means to protect its goose that is laying the golden eggs.

Monsanto is a company that has become famous for its immoral, unethical and corruptive actions and policies. It even got the EU Chemicals Agency to hide the results of a glyphosate research for decades; we can only guess how it managed to do that.

The people in South American villages in the middle of fields owned by multinational companies that use a lot of glyphosate, suffer from exposure to cancer tens of times more than people in relatively clean areas.

Crops are genetically engineered to withstand large amounts of glyphosate, so that it is cheap to control weeds. The disadvantages of this policy are uglier and uglier cancer statistics, and also the weeds become immune to glyphosate; this is already happening rapidly in the tropics.

Good scientific articles about glyphosate can be read on This doctor specializes in harmful chemicals in our food.