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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Awareness of the body detox possibilities

All the professionals who perform intestinal rinses know that if people are on low-fiber junk food diet there will be dryish concentrations of waste in the folds of their intestine.

They are acidic and toxic and cause the leaky bowel syndrome, diverticulums and the like. Intestinal rinses sometimes remove several kilos or waste.

Similarly, when a very overweight person starts a fiber-rich cleaning diet and drinks a lot of liquids, in the beginning kilos of old waste products (detox) that include a lot of unnatural and harmful substances come out.

Poor functioning of the intestine, therefore, causes thousands of cancers a year and a huge number of other intestinal inflammatory conditions that are already known to be connected to the immune response and memory diseases.

The mice in a recent experiment got Alzheimer's disease when contents from the intestines of mice with Alzheimer's were transferred into their intestines.

Intestine, therefore, can and should be cleaned so that it also becomes healthier. This requires the removal of at least added sugar and wheat, brisk reduction in the amount of cereal, and increasing the fiber level to 50 g / 1000 kcal (now the average is 12 g / 1700 kcal).

Everyone also knows that the liver can be cleansed of toxins and excess fat by stopping (detox) eating food and stimulants that cause its overload and eating liver-friendly food and liquids.

When the liver is overloaded with drugs, alcohol, and other chemical toxins it can easily get inflammation and even cancer.

Doctors are ignorant and they are trained to downplay preventive and holistic healthcare, which, however, would be the only rational and sustainable public health policy.