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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Vessi’s comment on the new alcolohol legislation that is prepared in Finland

The adverse effects of alcohol are not just financial figures but also human distress, sadness and anxiety.

The more consumption, the more children that are traumatized, sad and distressed in their homes.

This is naturally not interesting for those who are addicted to alcohol, because their own addiction is more important than anything and they just keep on inventing excuses for their behaviour.

It would be possible to get the alcohol consumption under control by this multi-effect program:

Beer 12-packs prohibited, alcohol stored out of sight in shops the same way as tobacco is, all alcohol advertisements prohibited, no tax reductions on alcohol, medium strength beer to be diluted to 3,5 % the same way as in Sweden, no self-service liquor stores, 100 million million € support for Estonia and Latvia so that they can increase their tax on alcohol 100 %, severe punishments for shopkeepers selling alcohol to minors (shops closed), and alcolocks mandatory for all new cars.

This would reduce the annual consumption of alcohol perhaps to around 7 liters / person, and alcohol-related costs could diminish by 10 billion.

The sustainability gap is 7 billion, so we could afford to give 1 billion to hopeless alcoholics as a consolation because they will not get so many new merry drinking pals in the future. Of course a large part of them would drink themselves into an early grave pretty quickly, but this is ok as the society then saves he money that would otherwise be spent on their medical care and pensions.