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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Greasy junk food is dangerous

The fat in junk food is unhealthy, heat-extracted vegetable oil, which causes inflammations in the intestine and thyroid.

The ketogenic diet includes healthy fats: cold-pressed vegetable oil (not rape), eggs, butter, seeds, nuts, grass-fed meat, fatty fish.

This diet without junk carbs keeps you slim and healthy.

Fast food companies pay a couple of million in taxes but promote junk food culture that costs society billions in increased medical costs and generates a huge amount of worry, stress and suffering because of ruined bodies and health, and collapsed self-esteem.

Watch the documentary Super Size Me, in which the journalist ate fast food a month. He gained 18 kg of weight and his liver gathered a dangerous amount of fat. Getting rid of the extra kilos took four months but getting rid of the chemical addiction to junk food took over a year.