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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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The elderly are overmedicated

No one is defending the medical safety of the elderly

The timid elderly patients do not have expertise and their families don’t dare.

This problem will continue as long as doctors will benefit from the increase of self-medication. So many elderly people are living in a medicated stupor nowadays. Their intestinal activity is mainly dependent on laxatives.

A healthier and cheaper result would be reached by exercise, drinking water and having a greater amount of fiber in our food. The weak functioning of the intestine also causes memory diseased, and immobility causes depression and other mental problems.

One of those who are not cared for in the right way was my father who had a liver failure after eating a massive amount of drugs ordered by expensive doctors. He got an aggressive liver cancer and died 4 days after the diagnosis. And left behind a big suitcase full of uneaten prescription drugs.

There was a story in a Finnish newspaper about a 92-year-old woman who was considered demented and kept over-medicated. A new young doctor was not satisfied with the diagnosis and stopped all of her medication for a while. Out of the stupor came a healthy elderly woman, who moved into her own apartment, and started going to day dances.

I wonder who would dare to intensify cheap and effective preventive health care in Finland, as well as non-pharmacological and safe natural treatments, and protect us from over-medication.

Government measures do not unfortunately show signs in the right direction.