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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Can the national obesity epidemic be overcome?

Staying up late and hormone-disturbing molecules that we get from chemicals and plastics also cause obesity

To prevent weight gain you should not eat for at least 13 hours during night-time, go to bed early at the same time as the sleep hormone secretes, and avoid unnecessary contact with chemicals. DBA is perhaps the worst. It can be found in soft plastics, in the inner surfaces of cans, and in almost all junk food.

Fecal transfer is an effective way to lose weight. This can be done safely at home: a few table spoonfuls of feces of a slim and healthy person whose diet includes a lot of fiber is mixed with 1-2 dl of warm water, and the fibers are filtered off. In the evening the solution is transferred with the help of an enema bag into the large intestine that is as empty as possible. This is much quicker than fighting for years to make the intestinal flora healthy by only a diet.

Today, there are a lot of families in which the adolescents are even fatter than their parents. Our living environment has powerful built-in factors that cause weight gain: poor food and food habits, medication and effective chemicals. Epigenetics, i.e. the changing of genes according to the environment, passes the weight gain to the next generation.

Children are defenseless. For them, gaining weight already when growing up is a disaster, and it is the fault of the society and parents. An overweight child will become with more than 80 % probability an overweight adult who has weaker self-esteem and mental health, a shorter and sicker life, and weaker career prospects.

The government should put a tax on sugar and junk food and reduce the VAT of healthy food by the same amount.

Obesity "pandemic" it is such a huge thing that instead of idle talk effective preventive measures should be started immediately.