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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Is it possible to prevent or cure cancer with food?

There is a lot of good biochemical research available on how nutrition can prevent cancer and support the healing process.

There are tribes and cultural areas in which people hardly ever get cancer. One of these is the Okinava island in Japan, where just under 1% of the people living in the traditional way get cancer. There are also more 100-year-olds there than anywhere else on sea level (some mountain regions are an exception).

A special research centre operates there to study this healthy way of life. Over the decades it has published many studies that have been generally ignored.

The people of Okinava get cancer like us (approx. 40% of us will get cancer, 39% of those die from it) if they move to western countries and start living like we do.

One of the most important risk factors is the imbalance of potassium and sodium. It can be prevented by eating lots of green. If eating large amounts of vegetables is not appealing, one can make delicious fresh green smoothies in a blender with different ingredients.

When you eat berries, fruits and vegetables more than one kilogram per day, and avoid the bad substances, the risk of cancer is very small.

A true superfood, specifically with respect to cancer, has recently proven to be sprouts germinated from the seeds of broccoli.

Twelve of the Finnish berries are good at preventing cancer. They are easy to eat without sugar also as smoothies and with soaked seeds (flax, chia, hemp).

Green tea when consumed regularly has been found to be effective in preventing cancer.

There are more than 10 anti-cancer herbs and medicinal plants. In addition to that there are a few other medicinal plants, some of which also grow in Finland.

However, you should always keep you own vitamin D level according to the international recommendations, i.e. at least 120-150 nM, or a little above that if you have a special risk of cancer.