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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Children’s health at stake

The main causes for the symptoms are the poor environmental factors of the child.

The way of life at home is very poor and many families have lost the healthy ways of living and life management.

All these things make children not healthy: junk food, poor sleeping habits, too much sugar, bad or violent entertainment, substance abuse of the parents, too little time spent together with the parents, lack of exercise, constant hyperactivity, chemicals from food and environment that affect the body, too much hustle and bustle and stress, lack of quietness and peace, addiction to internet, excessive TV watching, watching adult entertainment, the world's negative news flow that enters also children's consciousness, the lack of a structured and secure world image and spiritual frame of reference, etc.

In a healthy family harmful things can be identified, and their amount is regulated so that the child could grow up healthy and in balance.

Now that life is out of control and stimulation and reward oriented, the biochemistry of the children’s brain is a mess. This causes melancholy and depression and other health problems; being overweight is one of the most common. The situation is going towards an on-going disaster.

Teachers are forced to receive all the ill-being caused by imbalance, and also they get tired in the process.