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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Palm oil is prohibited as toxic

The food industry manages to feed us up to 46 kg of palm oil / person / year.

At the same time, we eat less than 6 l of the really healthy cold-pressed fats. It is good that palm oil is now prohibited, even if it happens because of its toxicity.

Interestingly, the authorities have now changed their minds, even though palm oil is the so-called "soft vegetable fat".

Rape is not a healthy fat. First, it has six times more omega6 (60%) than Omega 3 (10%). In addition, it cannot withstand heating without getting spoiled.

It is known in heart health that the omega6 / Omega3 ratio is badly distorted in industrial food diet (because of all the palm oil that is added to everything) and we will get too much of it, which is certainly a risk to cardiovascular health and a likely risk to bowel health.

Coconut oil is, by contrast, a healthy fat and a great fat for cooking. It's a pity that the Finnish experts have not properly studied the research and thus spread false information.

Finnish policy about fats is very wobbly. Fatty milk, and other animal fats, even egg yolks, were condemned about twenty years ago. Now the egg has been declared a health food and the fat in milk has escaped the ban.

France, which is the biggest consumer of animal fat in Europe, has also the best heart health. Switzerland is the second largest consumer and is the second best in heart health.

In Finland we have eaten, with the collaboration of scientists and industry, huge amounts of palm oil and other poorly researched and adversely heat-extracted cheap vegetable fats.

We are obese, depressed and our intestinal health is in a deplorable condition, which is why we can also expect a gigantic Alzheimer's epidemic; the evidence can already be seen clearly.