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How to prevent Alzheimer´s

It is wrong to say that Alzheimer`s disease (so called type three diabetes) could be prevented just with the right kind of diet.

In those diets the amount of sugar, bread, and other starch-rich carbohydrates is too high to be even preventive and certainly not a cure. The low-carb diet is much more effective. In it the proportion of seeds, nuts, vegetables and good fats (flax, olive, coconut, hemp, camelina) is big.

Taking a lot of vitamin D (100-200 mcg), eating fish daily (if not, on those days 2 g of Omega 3), carnosine, berberine, phospholipids, alpha lipoic acid and fiber-rich diet prevent and stop Alzheimer's.

Professor Piippo mentions in his book "Vitality from Spices” several plants that improve brain health.

The increasing amount of expensive memory disorders and diabetes as lifestyle diseases make all health budgets collapse.

The pharmaceutical industry wants to increase drug sales volumes, and they understate the innate prevention and treatment methods, which are numerous and effective.