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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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What causes back pains?

The biggest risk factor for back pain (in practice degeneration) is not heredity, but bad posture, which is further made worse by the standard 90/90 seats.

Rising weights and longer sitting times make back problems more common all the time. In bad posture, when the back is rounded and shoulders together, the facet joints of the vertebrae are open, the pressure on the disks is "one-sided" and approx. 30% increased. Many ligaments also stretch around the spine.

When the tense muscles also prevent the circulation in the back, disks and other tissues degenerate and pains occur.

Evening exercise is not enough to prevent the degeneration and bad posture, but working in good posture with sufficient amount of breaks and movements that activate one in a healthy way.

A two-part saddle chair and loose clothing around the hips make it possible to maintain standing posture in the spine. This will remove back pains, usually in a week, except if the disk has already herniated.

Full-time standing still is not a solution. That too will cause a lot of ailments.