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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Should one get rid of obesity?

Obesity is a tragedy for children, destroying a large part of the possibilities in life.

80% of obese children are overweight also in adulthood.

Exercise habits, self-esteem and health expectations fall as the kilos increase. This is just the way it is.

The parents and society are to blame. Pleasure-centred and slack upbringing culture allows the kids to eat almost any junk food and to become couch potatoes addicted to digital entertainment almost as soon as they are out of diapers.

The government does not do anything to prevent obesity.

Health researchers and opinion leaders don’t want to make people feel guilty: "it is not bad to be eating sugar and bread."

A third of the SLIM American adults are already pre-diabetic with all the increasing health risks. In Finland, probably the same thing.

Obesity diseases already use 20% of public health funds, even if memory disorders are not counted in; as at least partly they should. Alzheimer's disease is the type three diabetes.

The government could do a lot: A wide and high tax on sugar and junk food, energy drinks prohibited for minors, fiber minimum in all ready-made food, maternity clinics to be updated and the employees to be made skilled lifestyle coaches for young families, school exercise classes to be updated so that they involve cheerful learning of techniques instead of measuring, the amount of school exercise an hour a week, no unnecessary rides to and from school because it is not too much for children to cycle for 45 minutes to school, children should be prohibited to leave the school premises during the day, a child care course for young parents or they lose child allowances, updating the training for cooks so that they can combine healthiness and other good things, product data sheets to be made clearer and to name the dozens of different types of sugar, etc.

Already public health funds are not enough because of the lack of preventive measures and doctors are forced to make choices about whom to treat. The situation is also getting worse. Obesity just costs financially too much and we could not afford it.