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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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The birth rate is low and still getting lower

The urban social media lifestyle decreases the number of children all over the world.

In laestadian areas there are naturally more children.

An important reason is the weakening testicle health. The production of sperm and testosterone within the testis (75 % of testosterone comes from testis, 25 % from the adrenal gland) is disturbed because:

The testis is created to be free of pressure and swing freely in approx. 33 degrees centigrade. Normal clothing and traditional sitting reduce testicle health, which is unfortunately collapsing. This is also known because testes are now smaller than they used to be.

The testes have 4 different means of temperature regulation, but ordinary unthinking ways of sitting and dressing can at worst eliminate them all. Then testicular temperature rises to the body temperature level of 37. In addition, the vessels going to genitals are closed when they get pressed between the pubic bone and the chair.

Men should sit on a swinging two-part saddle chair without underpants. There would be more circulation in the pelvic area, no pressure on the testes and the temperature a healthy 33 degree that is required for the production of good sperm. Without underwear men should use the bidet shower because of hygiene and comfort.

Reproductive and genital health is increasingly affected by hormone-disturbing chemicals that come into our bodies from many sources, such as industrial food, cosmetics, plant protection and cleaning agents, additives in clothes, and even coating materials. Disturbing chemicals also cause weight gain.

Male fetus will generally get disturbances in their hormone system during the first weeks of pregnancy. This causes permanent reproductive health deterioration which probably also affects sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, due to the strong lobbying of the chemical industry, EU Commission has been unable to ban even the worst of hormone-disturbing chemicals, despite scientific proof.

Organic food, chemical-minimizing lifestyle and healthy sitting are the best ways to protect oneself.