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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Grain fiber protects us from diabetes

The protective substance is not the grain but the fiber

Whole grain can prevent diabetes, but it causes weight gain, intestinal infections and hypothyroidism, which is often associated with intestinal inflammations.

The surest and least harmful fiber comes, in addition to vegetables, from berries, dark chocolate, seeds and nuts. They also provide healthy fats, a number of micro-nutrients and even protein.

100% whole grain bread is no longer widely on the market and bread mainly made of white wheat and made darkedr by syrup is not worth eating for a number of reasons.

Grain is also bad because it increases the body's acidity and Na-Ka-imbalance which is a risk factor for cancer. Seeds don’t have these disadvantages.

Green or seed and berry smoothies are cheap, quick to make and super healthy, and they can be made more wholesome with a generous splash of olive oil. All you need is a powerful blender.

This gives us a superior fiber bomb without any side effects.

Finns eat fiber, 13 g / person / day, when the sound level would be 100 g; that would already reduce the expenditure of billions on public health and really increase the productivity at work.