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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Connection between poor posture and back pains

Poor posture causes the dangerous wedge-like pressure on the disk

It also causes constant tension in the ligaments and back muscles, thereby reducing the liquid flow in these tense tissues. The liquid flow supplies tissues with oxygen and nutrients and removes waste whch is essential to back health.

Curing the typical back pains is almost certain as long as the desktop, driving and TV watching position provides a good posture. Usually the pain is gone in weeks.

The easiest way to cure your back and posture is to use a two-part saddle chair. On it the pubic bone presses into the middle gap, and thus the pelvis can be positioned as when we are standing, providing that the table is on the correct height. Clothing that is loose around the hips helps further. According to reliable Finnish studies people who sit correctly on saddle chairs, i.e. in upright posture, do not have back problems.

In Finland there are 800 000 people suffering from back pain. Almost all sit in bad position, and thus the back circulation and lumph flow does not work. Improving seating ergonomics brings almost allways a quick relief. Hardly anyone sits in a good posture on traditional chairs, but they all writhe with increasing discomfort and pain during the day.

The swing mechanism of the seat creates just the little active movement that the back is missing. Of course, having breaks from sitting is also important.

In addition, the posture affects abdominal pressure (which affects the circulation and intestinal peristaltic perfusion and intestinal health), the depth of respiration and pressure formation in the chest.

Poor posture, in which the head is leaning forward, makes the Sternokleidomastoides muscle tense. Its relaxation is vital for the full blood flow to and from the brain.