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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Poor care of the elderly is expensive and shameful

The solution is prevention

Poor care of the elderly is inhumane, non-economical and violates the values of a civilized society.

Preventiveness in the health care of the elderly should be on a completely different level. Then expensive specialized care costs would be much smaller. Even a few means could affefct the vitality and health of the elderly:

The following combination reduce memory disorders and depression a lot: vitamin D for everybody 150 mcg, fiber 100 g / day, omega-3 fat 2 g / day, multi-vitamin tablet, B 12 and folic acid 1 mg / day.

The elderly should be able to go out, alone or assisted, 2 times / day. In addition sleeping habits should be fixed, if necessary. Socializing and meeting other people one way or another must be organized.

Continuous and outrageous over-medication and medical-stupor politics must be stopped in care homes.

By these means, the living conditions and quality of life of older people would improve tremendously, also there would be fewer inflammations, and vitality would increase.

Medical care costs would fall by more than one billion, including memory diseases and diabetes.